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Home for the Holidays

Heading home for the holidays? If so, avoid overpacking and ensure looking and feeling great by creating a capsule holiday travel wardrobe in your True Colors!


We all possess in our natural coloring a unique set of True Colors. These are the tones found in our eyes, hair, and skin, which make us “pop” and look alive when we wear them. By assembling versatile pieces in a tight palette of these most flattering colors, we not only look fantastic but avoid the risk of overpacking. The best and most versatile travel wardrobe is one created with a trio of these True Colors, consisting of a neutral or “First Base, an Energy Color and a Dramatic Color.

To find out your First Base,  look at the ring around your iris. What color do you see? It will be a dark neutral, possibly even black. Some possible candidates include  charcoal, olive, navy, chocolate, or eggplant. Use this base color in various shades for the basic wardrobe pieces for your trip such as skinny jeans, a coat, dress, and heels.

The second color for your holiday wardrobe should be your Energy Color which pops your eyes. Use the darkest color in your iris. Some candidates for this color include slate, rust, grass, butterscotch, and pine. In brown eyes, it is not always an obvious color, so try putting swatches or clothing items up to your eyes to see colors like marigold, eggplant, and olive appear. Use this “energy” color in a sweater, blouse, and scarf or tie. The color makes you look friendly and approachable and takes little effort to wear.

Finally, to add a bit of pop to your basic wardrobe pieces, employ your Dramatic Color. This color is the greatest contrast to your skin, and therefore the most dramatic. It is found by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist and identifying the dominant shade of green, blue, or purple. This color can range from shamrock to emerald, turquoise to periwinkle, and royal to grape. This is the perfect shade to employ for your most festive “look at me” attire and great to use in a dress, sweater, or jewelry.

On a side note: I am often asked about employing  traditional holiday colors such as orange and brown at Thanksgiving, and red and green at Christmas if they are not our best colors. I say: wear YOUR versions of them. We should only wear the colors that make us look and feel our very best, so honor the spirit of the holidays and opt for your very own versions of these colors! If your version of green is jade, wear it and have a most happy holiday!

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My New Podcast Series

Have you heard about my collaboration with the National Arts Club, called NAC Chat? On this new podcast series I interview experts in various areas of fashion including design, photography, illustration, styling and costume design.

This week on NAC Chat I sit down with costume designer Lisa Padovani to discuss her process, a career designing for shows like Boardwalk Empire and Gotham, and what it’s like to win a Costume Designers Guild Award.

NAC Chat is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!…/6-fashion-lisa-padovani

Photographs by Rose Callahan for I am Dandy (Gestalten) at the National Arts Club.

My Favorite Holiday Gift Shopping Tips

As you begin your holiday gift shopping, keep in mind some of my favorite tips from How to Win At Shopping:

-When apparel or accessory shopping for a friend, always pay attention to the visual clues of her current wardrobe. It will inform you as to what colors, cut, pattern, print, and fabric work for her, and will give you some assurance that your gift will be appropriate to her style.

-You can always maximize your holiday shopping time by having your gifts wrapped at a charity gift-wrap booth in your local mall or shopping center. Not only can you feel good about helping out a nonprofit organization, but you can repurpose the time you would have spent wrapping with second sweeps for those remaining hard-to-find presents on your list. You might even want to get in the habit of storing holiday gifts in the trunk of your car, in the advent of stumbling upon a pop-up holiday gift-wrapping service!

-If receiving a package is inconvenient, opt for the “buy online, pick up in-store” option and always avoid long holiday checkout lines. If you order something online and cannot receive it at your home or office, have it sent to the brand’s nearby brick-and-mortar store. Not only does this option save you from waiting in a checkout line to pay for it, but it guarantees against the item being out of stock at that location.

-Never pay for online shipping during the holidays. There is so much competition for your business that you never have to pay for shipping during this time of the year. If a site doesn’t offer free shipping, get in touch with customer service and tell the representative you will purchase on another site if the company won’t waive the shipping. Nine times out of ten, the company will be happy to accommodate you.

-Shopping year-round for holiday gifts will always give you an edge on finding the perfect thing. It gives you access to four times the number of choices that you have during the official holiday selling season. Therefore, the odds of matching each person on your list with the absolutely perfect gift rise, as does the chance of finding the item on sale or even clearance.

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