Color. Style. Empowerment.“Every person has the right to feel empowered and look fantastic.”


Emmy® Award-winning Stylist and Best-Selling Author David Zyla empowers thousands to discover their authentic style and show the world who they really are.

David Zyla has long advocated that there exists no one color or item of clothing that flatters everyone and makes them feel their absolute, confident best. He believes that every human being possesses an individual palette of flattering colors and a style that is uniquely their own. By honoring and wearing these colors, found in our eyes, hair and skin, we not only illuminate ourselves, but we build the confidence needed to attract love, enhance our power, restore our energy, make a lasting impression and show the world who we really are. Much more than just fashion, David’s platform is about embracing the most authentic, very best versions of ourselves, using color as the foundation.

A sought-after guest speaker and lecturer on the transformative power of color and its application to wardrobe, home and lifestyle, he is known for his engaging, educational and fun presentations that include spot-on (and always non-judgmental) “style reads” to attendees based on their individual coloring. Audiences respond enthusiastically to his inspirational tone, humorous cajoles, and encouragement with tips and suggestions for them on how to “always be the best versions of themselves!” Recent speaking engagements include events for Barron’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, The National Arts Club, The Cosmopolitan Club, Clarins, Dress for Success, Lord and Taylor, DKNY, Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

David Zyla’s unique platform on style makes him a frequently quoted authority on fashion and color in the media. He has been featured in a variety of broadcast media including The View, The Nate Berkus Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, The Jane Pauley Show, Playboy Radio and CNN Style. He has been profiled in People and The New Yorker, and his work has been featured in publications including Life & Style, USA Today, Traditional Home, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Wear Daily, Brides Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Reuters, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times.

His book The Color of Style was published by Dutton on February 4, 2010, and was followed by the paperback Color Your Style published by Plume on January 25, 2011.

Starting in 2001, Zyla held the position of head costume designer for General Hospital, Port Charles, and most recently All My Children for which he received the 2010 Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design Emmy Award. For twenty years, Zyla has also designed shows for Broadway and regional theatre productions, as well as commercials and film. He has collaborated with some of the most recognizable faces of contemporary culture including Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks. Carol Burnett, Neil Patrick Harris, Susan Lucci and Kelsey Grammar among many others.

David Zyla’s background began in fashion design. At age 22, Zyla started his own Seventh Avenue label. The cutting-edge designs of the international Zyla evening wear label were featured at New York’s Fashion Week and sold at the nation’s chicest stores, including Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel. Zyla was then courted to bring his reputation as an edgy designer with strong ties to the global fashion community to ABC, spearheading the producers’ efforts to reinvigorate the visual quality of daytime television.

David attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and often serves as a teacher and guest lecturer at major design institutions, museums, and schools, including New York University, Hofstra University, LIM College, Otterbein College and UC Davis.

6 Responses to “Color. Style. Empowerment.“Every person has the right to feel empowered and look fantastic.””

  1. kim mccloud says:

    Please do a book on the archtypes-i am a renaissance summer and would love to see example palettes and colors. i can see greta and cate as archtypes -i fit in with them. a workbook with color chips would help or sell some chips – i would buy them. i think you are on to something fascinating.

  2. Annabel Ascher says:

    I have been playing with the colors and telling everyone I know about this. I would love to know more about the archetypes. I think I may be a vivid winter.

  3. Grace says:

    Hi! Great book! I have been playing with color theory for a long time now and your book makes the most sense to me. How much easier would it be to build a closet around 8 colors! I agree that a follow-up book of archtypes and color palettes would be most helpful!

  4. Sharon Dawson says:

    Hi David,

    I just read your book. I missed your seminar at the Learning Annex in June. Will you be doing another seminar in NYC soon? Do you do consultations in NY? I really need help with color and style.

    Thank you.

  5. Beth says:

    This book has quickly revolutionized my life-thank you, David! Instead of bashing around buying random pieces, I was able to ‘shop my closet’, put outfits together based on your system, and suddenly I’m getting compliments every day. I’m throwing out the pieces that don’t work, and acquiring missing ‘base’ essentials in a focused way that is relaxed and easy on my budget.

    I’m buying copies of your book for my 2 daughters; wish I’d had it when they lived at home, but this is helpful for any age and stage. They are young women scrambling around trying to acquire a wardrobe that compliments their looks: one with a new job, one at college. This will be invaluable.

    Again, thank you for sharing your system. It is simple, and IT WORKS!

  6. Vickie Aldrich says:

    I absolutely love your book! I am so excited to get home & elavuate my current wardrobe & purge unflattering items. I have studied color & style theory as hobbies & your system makes so much sense to me! (Mostly because none of the professionals can figure out my “season”!) I have been confirmed a summer at age 14, a spring at 25, an autumn at 32. I have read countless books, visited websites, watched style shows & finally self-evaluated & decided to pull from spring & autumn my own palette. (now, I am 50!) So, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! I am sooooo excited as your system is my key to color success! I would love a book with color swatches & another book featuring the “archetypes! Get Busy as you are onto something!!!! Sincerely, Vickie

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