Boston, MA added to the Summer Schedule!

The Summer Schedule has been expanded!

David is based in New York City but frequently travels throughout the US and Europe.

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Here is the current schedule of upcoming cities where he will be offering private Color Your Style Custom Color Palettes for men and women as well as Custom Color Palette Extensions, Shopping, Ultimate Style Sessions and the new Wardrobe Recharge and Color Your Home Sessions!

July 8-12 Los Angeles, CA

July 13-15 Ann Arbor, MI

July 16-17 Chicago, IL

July 18-19 Charlotte, NC

August 3-5 Boston, MA

August 7-8 Tampa, FL

About a session:
 An initial private two hour Custom Color Palette includes a one-of-a-kind custom color palette 
as well as in-depth information on fabrics, patterns, silhouette, historical periods, hair, make-up, etc…This is “the plan” that will be used for all future shopping.

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Making the Imperfect Neckline Perfect !

Once you discover your True Colors and Authentic Style, and now are cruising the Internet and shops shopping them, you surely have become more aware of the necklines that are your most flattering.

Unless you along your colors and personal style recommendations are the muse of a fashion designer, there may be some struggle on knowing when to purchase the almost-right items for your wardrobe.


The good news is that when it comes to necklines, there are ways to minimize a less-than-ideal ones. A very common dilemma is finding the perfect fit, color and price point in a top or dress, which unfortunately could also feature a non-A plus neckline.

Do you pass or consider purchasing? Don’t pass until you read the tips below on taking the so-so to a great place!

Creating Angles

You have found the perfect dress in your Romantic Color. It is your size, and fits like a glove. However, it has a crew neckline.  If your best neckline is v-neck, you can improve this neckline with a long necklace with an angular pendant on the end of it. The lines of the chain create a v-shape, and the pendant emphasises it.

Creating a Circle

A bib necklace can help make the Energy-Colored square neck top appear rounder if your best neckline is high and round. You can create the same rounded effect with a square shaped scarf folded diagonally and tied to one side. To emphasize the shape more, reach for a bib necklace or scarf one shade brighter or in a contrasting color to the top and really emphasize the recreated neckline.

Creating Asymmetry

You find the perfect match to your elusive Tranquil Color. However, it is in a simple symmetrical scoop-neck sheath dress. You can add a bit of imbalance to it with a focal point single or cluster of small pins worn between the bust and shoulder on your left side, or add a wrap belt to the look, tied in a knot to the side.

Creating an Oval

The sweater is a perfect match to your Essence Color, but the plunge v-neck seems a bit severe. The solution: add a long scarf and cowl it.  A long cowled scarf can make any neckline softer, and puts the emphasis on your face. Consider using the colors of the scarf to tie all of the tones of the outfit together to create the most harmonious head-to-toe look!

Creating a Wrap Effect:

If you are best in shapes that are draped and do not have a hard endpoint, which emphasize your head to toe curves, you can take a basic Dramatic-Colored v-neck shift dress and soften it with a low-contrast chiffon scarf worn around the neck, crossed over itself and kept in place with a very thin belt at the waist.

You are the Subject of a Great Portrait !


I look at each person I consult with as the subject of a great master painting. The person has been “painted” in a unique set of glorious colors that work together in a singular harmony. What I do in creating a palette is to create the background that magnifies the tones that are there and ignites and illuminates them!


Incorporating Your Authentic Style Every Day!

A quick and easy way to gaining depth or clarity on your Archetype is to think about the type of clothing that you are authentically attracted to. When I say authentically attracted I mean, that if you did not have to dress for a particular job, live in a certain climate, etc… In other words: Which type of clothing makes you feel the most like you?

If your answer is “a Victorian ballgown”, don’t fret if your lifestyle is a super casual one, as you can incorporate elements of this inspiration into your wardrobe.

For example, you can add the Victorian vibe to an outfit by wearing a t-shirt with a puffed sleeve….


a cameo on a chain…..


…or a pair of Victorian lace up boots.


You will still look completely contemporary but, most importantly you will express your own unique Authentic Style!

Pretty, Striking or Cute?


While the perfect descriptor of a dress, the word “pretty” is overused.

“That’s a pretty dress” I overheard years ago at a party. I turned around to discover that it was said to a woman in a one-shoulder bronze gown worn with a thick encrusted cuff bracelet. While she looked stunning, “pretty” was entirely the wrong word.


It was at this moment that I thought that it would help my clients working on their wardrobes if they had vocabulary for what they were looking for.

So, here is a cheat sheet on the most common styles of dresses, and some ways to articulate them.


Elongates the body, with an uninterrupted line: the dress that incorporates draping and gathering, inspired by Grecian style.


Perky and crisp: the dress with a Peter Pan Collar, piped seams or a bow on the belt.


Simple lines, uncomplicated, pleasing to the eye, and balanced in line, in a solid or mid-contrast print.


An old world feeling, featuring characteristics of styling or fabric from another era, such as a long velvet gown, or a bustle effect.


Possessing a theatrical quality, such as a bell sleeve, one-shoulder or an asymmetrical hem.


Minimalist style, unadorned and architectural or a simple shape featuring a high contrast graphic print.


Utilizing elements of cultures other than your own, such as Balinese prints, South American fabrics, or Indian beadwork.

Which dress are you shopping for?