London and Florence added to the Travel Schedule!


David is based in New York City, but frequently travels throughout North America and Europe.

Here is the current schedule of cities where he will be offering private Color Your Style Custom Color Palettes for men and women as well as Custom Color Palette Extensions, Shopping, Ultimate Style and Color Your Home Sessions, as well as the new Virtual Wardrobe Plan:

August 1-3 Seattle, WA

August 25-26 Philadelphia, PA

August 27-28 Savannah, GA

September 22-24 Minneapolis, MN

September 25-26 Traverse City, MI

November 4-8 London, UK

November 19-20 Florence, IT

Some of the cities David works in regularly include: Canada: Montreal and Toronto, Europe: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Zagreb, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin, United States: Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Knoxville, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, Savannah, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rochester, Columbia, Roanoke, Miami, Phoenix, Tucson and Washington, D.C. If you have a city that you would like him to visit, please submit it.

About a session:
 An initial private two hour Custom Color Palette includes a one-of-a-kind custom color palette 
as well as in-depth information on fabrics, patterns, silhouette, historical periods, hair, make-up, etc…This is “the plan” that will be used for all future shopping.

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For rates and to book an appointment, please contact Alex at .

Facebook Live: Sunday, September 16th!

I’ll be coming to you via Facebook LIVE at 1pm EST on Sunday, September 16th with a chat about color, style and empowerment!

Would you like to share a story of how embracing your True Colors and Authentic Style has impacted your life? If so, please email with your four-to-six line story along with authorization to share it. Note that only first names will be used when sharing your inspiring stories.

We also welcome your questions! To submit a question on putting your True Colors and Authentic Style into your wardrobe, home and life, please email:

The Radiance Project

I was thrilled to join Heidi Rose Robbins on her podcast with a chat about Authentic Style, True Colors and empowering the True You to shine forth. Check it out here:

Discover Your True Colors!

To help in the discovery of your True Colors, here is a favorite video of mine on the subject, courtesy of Clevver Style!


Shop Talk: Terms to Know

To assist you in the year-round quest to find the perfect items for your closet, here is your shopping vocabulary list courtesy of How to Win at Shopping!

Brick-and-mortar store: A store that has a physical presence; a traditional store.

Cyber Monday: The online counterpart to Black Friday. Cyber Monday happens the Monday after Thanksgiving, and is an extremely busy day for online shopping.

Final sale: A sale item that cannot be returned or exchanged.

Flash sale: A sale with a high discount for a very limited amount of time.

Layaway: A purchasing method in which the customer can put an item on hold and pay for it in installments over time.

Markdown: The amount of money reduced from the price of an item.

Markup: The amount of money added to the price of an item that covers the retailer’s overhead and profit.

Pop-up store: A store that opens and closes in a short amount of time, from a day to a few weeks or months.

Presale: A sale that occurs before items are available to the public.

Price adjustment: If an item is bought at full price and then goes on sale within a short period of time (typically one to two weeks), the retailer may give the customer a price adjustment, or refund the difference.

Private label: A product for sale under the name of a retailer.

Sample sale: A sale of a designer’s samples that were previously used to show new collections to retail buyers and fashion editors.

Shopworn clothes: Items with wear and tear from being displayed or handled in a store.

SKU: Short for Stock Keeping Unit, the SKU is a store’s product and service identification code. Each style of clothing at every company has its own SKU.