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Chicago added to the Schedule

I will be working in the following cities, offering private Color Your Style Custom Color Palettes for men and women as well as Custom Color Palette Extensions, Shopping, Ultimate Style and Color Your Home Sessions, as well as the Virtual Wardrobe Plan. The current schedule is as follows:

October 12-13  Los Angeles, CA

October 19-20  Philadelphia, PA

October 26-27  Chicago, IL

December 28-29  Savannah, GA

January 25-26  San Francisco, CA

Some of the cities I work in regularly include: Canada: Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, Europe: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Latvia, Zagreb, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin, United States: Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Knoxville, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, Savannah, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rochester, Columbia, Roanoke, Miami, Phoenix, Tucson and Washington, D.C. If you have a city that you would like me to visit, please submit it.

About a session:
 An initial private two hour Custom Color Palette includes a one-of-a-kind custom color palette 
as well as in-depth information on fabrics, patterns, silhouette, historical periods, hair, make-up, etc…This is “the plan” that will be used for all future shopping.

Click on the Services button for more information and additional services.

For rates and to book an appointment, please contact Alex at

Photo credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

Color Cues

If you love the power and beauty of color as I do, follow me on Facebook for daily Color Cues, featuring a color of the day featured in glorious fashion paired with a mini history lesson on the hue’s origin.

Richard Haines on NAC Chat

Have you heard about my collaboration with the National Arts Club, called NAC Chat? On this podcast series I interview experts in various areas of fashion including design, photography, illustration, styling and costume design.

This week on NAC Chat I sit down with fashion illustrator and author of the popular blog, “What I Saw Today,” documenting the clothes and attitudes of New York’s every day trendsetters and fashion icons of all ages.

NAC Chat is available here:

Illustration by Richard Haines

Discovering Your Archetype

I have always considered each individual a singular work of art, possessing colors, textures and shapes that can be illuminated further by setting them against the right clothing, accessories and interiors.

If you have found your True Colors and are still not quite sure of your archetype, my best advice is to go to my Pinterest Boards:

Take a look at the boards for all of the twenty-four archetypes, and look for resonance. Narrow the choices down to three, and create your own board using my pins. Put your photo in the center of each to see which one is your best  “backdrop”. You might even share with friends or family members. Remember that you are seeking the one that connects with and illuminates you, just as the subject of a great master portrait painting is captured by the artist.

Pins featured are from Color Your Style:The Pixie.

The Sensuous Backpacker is on Pinterest

Follow me on Pinterest for inspirational pins of all twenty-four of the archetypes found in my book Color Your Style. From The Queen to The Keeper of the Hearth, you can experience the fashion, flowers, vibe, mood and colors for each of the types.