The Color of Style and Saks Fifth Avenue

Look for David and The Color of Style at a Saks Fifth Avenue near you. The book tour begins February 4th and thus far includes dates in New York City, Tysons Corner, Chevy Chase, Miami, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Portland and San Francisco!

4 Responses to “The Color of Style and Saks Fifth Avenue”

  1. Mardi Mann says:

    Upcoming event at Saks/DKNY on Saturday, March 6th from 1-4 p.m. – Correct? Not on your website yet. Please confirm. Do we need to make reservations?

    I loved your presentation at Saks/Fashion Island/Newport Beach and would love to invite my daughter and her friends.

    Thank you,


  2. Karen Arland says:

    When will the tour be in Cincinnati?

  3. David Zyla says:

    Hi. Reservations are not required at Saturday’s DKNY event at Bloomingdales in Sherman Oaks. The Concinnati event was last evening.

    Karen, the Cincinnati event was last evening. I am sorry that you missed it. Please sign up for updates as it is quite possible that we will be doing a summer event there.

  4. Deanna St. Martin says:

    I would love to know when you will be in Portland; I want to come and visit. I loved the book!