Color Acclaim


“David’s eye for color, style and shape is extraordinary, and his sense of style is always exciting. What I really love about David’s choices though is the way they always make me feel like the best possible version of myself.”
— Susan Lucci

Actress, Devious Maids


“David Zyla didn’t just give me a better sense of my own style; he didn’t just save me from years of wardrobe fumbling. The palette he gave me represented a turning point: a decision to look and act like myself and see how far that would get me.
— Aaron Shure
Co-Executive Producer, The Office


“David did the colors in our Manhattan apartment and turned a drab, uncertain space into an eye-popping, conversation-starting, super-social, yet clearly comfortable space that continues to delight us and all who visit us. He is a unique designer whose expert principles of design somehow allow you to bring out the exact expression of your own personality. David has done it for famous actors and actresses, and now he can do it for you. This book is for anyone who knows they have it in them; they just don’t know how to get it out!”
— Brooke Johnson
President, Food Network


“I love seeing David’s work because I know his costumes will never be ‘just clothes.’ They’ll always tell you something profound, significant, and unique about each person in the story.”
— Phillip Bloch

heidi weisel

“David has a great eye. He knows how to make his starlets look their very best! With his background as a designer, he understands fabric, drape, and fit.”
— Heidi Weisel
Fashion Designer


“There is no finer tool for an actress than to enhance her character by magnificent costuming. There is no finer master at magnificent costuming than David Zyla. David gives every woman the chance to create and refine her own character, to bring out her very best, and to let her own light shine. Not only is David a maestro at making women look beautiful, he is a master at seeing what makes a woman beautiful from the inside and brings that unique quality to the outside to share with the world!”
— Mary Norton
Handbag and Shoe Designer

carmen marc valvo

“David is truly a great stylist because he really knows how to make a woman look glamorous, and not just the iconic Susan Lucci! I was delighted to see my designs on the Go Red fashion show on All My Children.”
— Carmen Marc Valvo
Fashion Designer

jay godfrey

“David’s personal style tells you everything you need to know about him: he’s warm, witty, colorful and of course, a modern-day dandy. As a designer, I’m full of admiration for the way he has created a style that is idiosyncratic.”
— Jay Godfrey
Fashion Designer


“David Zyla’s work with my palette and personal style transformed more than my wardrobe. He gave me the knowledge and confidence to infuse my life and work with color, personality, and wit.”
— Jonathan Fong
Designer/Author/Lifestyle Expert



“With numerous appearances on one of my favorite blogs, ‘The Satorialist,’ David exhibits his own incredible personal style that people across America will admire and even emulate.”
— Michael Macko, Fashion Director DETAILS Magazine



“David Zyla embodies style: he is thoroughly natural, always appropriate, and never fussy. He is never out of step with fashion but never lockstep with it, either. Where fashion seeks to answer to a trend, David only answers to himself. And that makes him timeless. I am beyond thrilled that David has written this book on how to be personally stylish. It seems that every other day another book comes out about how to be fashionable or how to wear a trend. I find these books to be wholly uninterested in their reading audience. Real men and women need guidance, written from the perspective of someone who understands the very real challenges of looking like oneself. With his experience in dressing others, where he finds the connection between personality and wardrobe, and his own personal approach to his clothing, David has years of experience answering the question, ‘What looks good on me?’”
— Carla Dunham
Head of Social Media & Digital Partnerships, Amazon Fashion


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