Color Clue

Finding Your Dramatic Color

Follow these steps to find your Dramatic Color, the color taken from the shade of your veins, which shows your power, your charisma, and your sense of authority; your version of blue; wear it on a job interview, for a formal presentation, or any time you want to make a strong impression.  This color will provide the strongest contrast to your natural coloring.

1.  In natural light, hold your hand so you can see the veins below your wrist.  Locate the vein that’s most pronounced.

2.  Identify the darkest color you can see in your veins; the shade of blue, green, or purple that offers the highest contrast to the other elements of your coloring.  This is your most Dramatic Color.

3.  Go on to identify another two shades of blue, green, or purple that you can find in your veins.  You can also wear these as a milder, less intense versions of your Dramatic color.

Some of the possible candidates for your Dramatic Color:

dramatic Color clue

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2 Responses to “Color Clue”

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    God I wish my veins were coral! Just found your blog via Twitter (Color4Charlotte). You’re views on color are new and refreshing (compared to most).

    Looking forward to reading more. Nice to “meet” you David.

  2. ann marie says:

    ooh, so inspiring, I am a kind of fashion artist and have been drawing lots of faces – they all have a color identity!
    Thanks for your glamourous mind and beautiful descriptions!