When to Splurge on Yourself this Holiday Season!


While out shopping for friends and relatives on your holiday shopping list…if you happen to find something for yourself and the price tag is a bit higher than you would like, here are some favorite tips from How to Win at Shopping (Workman) on when to splurge:

-A great coat is always a good item to spend more on. When we have something beautiful and of good quality in our wardrobe, we want to wear it often. In the cold or rainy seasons we might wear one coat more than any other item in our closets. It is highly possible, then, that a “splurge” will be justified quickly by its number of wearings. Also, a good-quality coat will last you many seasons.

-A good cashmere sweater is sometimes worth splurging on. Cashmere is made in a number of qualities. The better the quality, the longer
it will last. In the end, it may be less expensive to purchase one good-quality sweater rather than a succession of lesser-quality ones with shorter shelf lives. To make sure that you get the maximum value out of your sweater, avoid trendy styling and opt for simple, timeless style.

-A splurge is never a splurge if it is worn often enough to justify its price tag. Think about how many times you might wear the item in question, and divide its cost among them. Is it justified? Or, if you have ever owned a similar item, how much use did you get out of it? How often was it worn? Weekly? Daily? The answers to these questions will help you discern whether your splurge is indeed a splurge, and whether or not to proceed with your purchase.