What to Wear the First Day of a New Job

Starting a new job? Here are my quotes on the subject from my recent interview with Lookastic:

Keep it professional
Never wear any element of an outfit to your first day of work that is part of one that you wear for clubbing, cleaning or an athletic activity (unless your new job is in a night club, cleaning company or gym). These choices telegraph that your life outside work has greater importance to you.

Don’t get a new wardrobe
Don’t invest in a new work wardrobe immediately. The real dress code at your place of employment may not have been revealed at your interview. Just as you had an interview outfit, those interviewing may have a look that they wear for only such an occasion. Until you discover what the day-to-day dress code really is, stick to variations of your original interview look.

Simple and tidy
For the first day, be sure to keep things simple and tidy. Casual is fine for a casual work environment, but sloppy is not. Condition is key. Clothes that are faded, ill-fitting or tired give an impression that you are as well.

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