While nothing can substitute for a great resume, spot-on experience and killer interview skills, your wardrobe can make a big difference in helping you stand out from the crowd.

You never know what’s going on with the interviewing team just before your meeting, so you need to insure that they are wide awake and focusing on you in a great, positive way. Your Dramatic Color, the dominant blue, green or purple found in the vein in your wrist is the perfect color to employ. This is your “look at me” color, and perfect to wear when you want some extra attention. This is the color that gives you an aura of being full of energy, capable and up to any task or challenge in a job setting.

How to Find Your Dramatic Color

Follow these steps to reveal the color that shows off your most dramatic self:

1. In natural light, hold your hand so you can see the veins below your wrist. Locate the vein that’s most pronounced.

2. Identify the darkest color you can see in your veins; the shade of blue, green, or purple that offers the highest contrast to the other elements of your coloring. This is your most Dramatic Color.

Once you have identified your Dramatic Color, it is time to incorporate it into your interview look:

For women, wear your dramatic color in the form of a blouse, jacket, sweater or dress. For men, it’s fantastic in a shirt, sweater or necktie. If you are a freelancer or consultant who interviews frequently, consider purchasing two of your signature piece in your Dramatic Color. This allows you to always have access to it when one is at the dry cleaner!