Summer Shopping Tips

Spring is upon us, and before we know it we will be in summer mode. As you start to shop for your warm weather wardrobe, keep in mind these helpful tips from How to Win at Shopping:

-When budgeting for a seasonal wardrobe shopping trip, using the spending ratio of 75 percent on classic items and 25 percent on trendy pieces can sometimes keep you focused on things you can wear often and in different ways. Seasonal shopping (and also shopping for a trip) needs to be budgeted so that you have enough variety. By sticking to mostly classics, you will get much more use out of your trendy items.

-Always create a collage or online inspiration board prior to major seasonal shopping so you know what it is you are looking for. By pulling up these pictures before you set out, you will be a more focused and efficient shopper.

-Never purchase a seasonal item that does not coordinate with anything currently in your closet. You obviously have limited time to wear clothes that are seasonal. Make it a point to get things you can wear right away, unless you have ample time and energy to find all of the coordinating elements.

-You will sometimes need to go up a size or two in a swimsuit. It is very common for swimsuits to run small. Don’t be alarmed if you need to go up one or more sizes.

-Never rule out shopping for a light jacket, sweater, or pashmina in the summer. Most people are in air conditioning much of the time and need some coverage. You can also get a great deal at that time of year.