Spring Cleaning: The Lipstick Drawer!

Many of the clients that I work with reveal that even if they have a streamlined wardrobe comprised of only things that they actually wear, that their collection of lipsticks often goes unedited, sometimes for years. In fact, in many cases the collection expands each season, mostly purchased in the trial-and-error phase that happens after a perfect shade is discontinued or acquired to help a not-so-great color in the closet look better.

This spring, I ask that you rid yourself of the lipsticks that do not illuminate you. Just like when you dress from your closet, all of the choices in front of you should offer possibility, and never regret!

Here goes:

Open up your lipstick drawer, and start by tossing any lipsticks that you have not worn in a year or more. Then, in good natural light, test each of the remaining ones in the palm of your hand. Are any of them making the tones of your hand imbalanced and uneven? Those are the next to go. Then once you have edited, try each of the remaining ones on your lips. This is the tough part, as many in a moment like this only focus on the lipstick color and decide whether they like it or not. I want you to start there, but to take into account whether the color connects with your skin, eyes and hair. The effect of a good lipstick is not to just make the lips pop, but be part of a palette of colors that thoroughly illuminates you. In other words, think of yourself as the subject of a great master portrait, and your lipstick as well as all of your makeup and colors that you wear in clothing should showcase you!

And now, though the selection may be small, your lipstick drawer offers you possibility to feel like the best version of you each and every time you apply your makeup!