Show Your Passion this Valentines Day!


Finding and wearing your best version of red, or Romantic Color—be it pink, plum, brick or even tangerine—will help you look and feel empowered, vivacious and, yes, totally sexy!

Just in time for the February holiday, a repost of David’s interview with MORE’s Lesley Kennedy

MORE: So, what makes finding your own best color so important when it comes to choosing clothing?
David Zyla: We are all so uniquely different, and my idea is to celebrate our uniqueness. I believe that there are colors found in our eyes, hair and skin—which I call our true colors—that really push us forward and illuminate us. We’ve all had that moment of being at an event or at work where compliment after compliment is coming our way and people keep telling us, “You look great! What did you do?” And oftentimes I have found that it was the color people were responding to, because the color was so flattering to the person wearing it. They were illuminated and they were noticed even more.

MORE: And you say everyone has a romantic color. How do you figure out which one is for you?
David Zyla: The romantic color, or one’s version of red—it can also be called the vital color or the sexy color—is found by pinching your fingertip. That color you see when you pinch the tip—it’s going to be a pink, a burgundy, a rust, a rose, a true red—that is your romantic color. It’s basically a lipstick color, so if it’s difficult for you to distinguish what that color is, I would suggest going to a lipstick counter to match it.

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