Relax with Your Tranquil Color!

When facing particularly difficult moments, the Tranquil Color on your palette of True Colors can help diffuse a situation or help to create the perfect environment for a friend to open up to you. I like to think of it as a “listening” color and when you wear it, it gives you a soft presence.

From my book Color Your Style, here is how to discover yours:
Take a look in a mirror, a magnifying mirror if possible and observe your eyes in natural, indirect light. If you can, remove any garments that are visible in the mirror, so that there are no other colors to distract you. Find the lightest color of your iris. That’s your tranquil color!

Discover the healing power of color by tuning into this shade that expresses your own personal “spa energy.” When you want to let go of tension and reconnect to your sense of calm, you can wear tranquil-colored clothes—or try one of the following suggestions.

-Buy yourself a cashmere throw in this color—it will seem cozy, warm and comforting.

-Put a tranquilly colored scented candle by your bed or bathtub. Both the color and the aroma will help you relax.

-Use this “spa color” to paint your bathroom or to monogram your towels. Every bath and shower can become a chance to de-stress.

-Choose an umbrella in this color, and feel yourself relax under its tranquil protection.

-Buy some jewelry or a scarf in your tranquil color and wear it on difficult occasions. Whether you’re coping with your mother-in-law or with your boss, your tranquil color can help you remind yourself of who you really are!




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