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The 2016 Emmy Fashion Recap

The current season may be Fall, but many celebrities were thinking only of Spring at this year’s Emmy Awards, with an array of brilliant florals hitting the red carpet inspired by the canvases of Monet and Renoir. Kristen Bell navigated the evening in a luminous Zuhir Marad ballgown encrusted with embroidered and beaded flowers, Constance Zimmer in a vivid pink Monique Lhuillier column and Jane Krakowski in a brilliant periwinkle draped Bibhu Mohapatra gown.


Due to the timing of the Emmys immediately after New York Fashion Week, it is always fascinating to see whether the award show influences fashion or if Seventh Avenue influences the red carpet. This year’s ceremony was an even draw. Color-wise, brilliant shades of orange dominated several New York runways, but it was scarce on Sunday’s red carpet. In fact, one could say that the palette of the evening went retro glam, with classic shades of white, black and red dominating. Emerald, 2013’s Color of the Year made an unexpectedly quick comeback, with a radiant Sarah Paulson in a fringed and beaded Prada plunge shift and Tina Fey accentuating her curves in an Oscar de la Renta goddess gown.

The unexpected color trend of the evening was a healthy dose of optimistic yellow, with Taraji P. Henson in Vera Wang, Minnie Driver in Versace, Angela Bassett in Christian Siriano and Ellie Kemper in Jenny Packham.


Asymmetry and unexpected cutouts were plentiful, with Tracee Ellis Ross donning Ralph Lauren collection, Kerry Washington artfully balancing her baby bump in Brandon Maxwell and Priyanka Chopra in radiant red Jason Wu.


Clearly there was a no-straps memo with the most popular silhouette of the evening being strapless in straight, draped or sweetheart necklines. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke dazzled in an Atelier Versace gown in her Essence Color, Neve Campbell struck a regal chord in Christian Siriano, and Emmy winner Regina King embraced this trend in red-hot Elizabeth King.

How to Win at Shopping’s Slimming the Silhouette!

Here are a few of  my favorite tips from How to Lose Ten Pounds Just by Getting Dressed from How to Win at Shopping (Workman):


✶ While a straight skirt can be slimming, the effect can go awry if the bottom hem abruptly stops without tapering back to the leg, creating an unflattering horizontal line. If a straight skirt or dress hangs like a lampshade, consider a trip to the tailor.

✶ When fitting a jacket, consider narrowing the sleeves to separate the arms from the torso. This will create a more streamlined silhouette.

✶ Showing a bit more skin can be a great idea. When it comes to fabric on the body, less fabric is more slimming.

✶ Avoid wearing fabrics with sheen on the parts of the body you would like to de-emphasize. Sheen will make those areas appear larger. Instead, think of such fabrics as a fantastic way to illuminate the smaller parts of your body and balance the head-to- toe look.

✶ With shoes, a low vamp will start the leg line at a lower point, thus creating a longer, leaner look.

✶ Buy a long cardigan, necklace, or scarf to add a strong vertical quality to every outfit—the effect will elongate the body.

✶ The right shapewear can make you appear slimmer because it actually does work.


How to Shop for a Special Occasion!

When dressing for any special event, dress for yourself first. If you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful!”

—Susan Lucci, Emmy Award–winning actress


Here are some of my favorite tips from How to Shop for a Special Occasion from How to Win at Shopping (Workman):

-Pay attention to the formality listed on the invitation. Black tie means a formal short or long dress. For men, it means a tuxedo.

-Black tie preferred or optional means a formal dress, cocktail dress, or dressy separates. For men, it means a tuxedo or a dark suit.

-Semiformal means a cocktail dress or dressy separates. For men, a dark suit is appropriate.

-Festive attire means a cocktail dress, dressy separates, or your version of a LBD

(little black dress). For men, a jacket and tie will do the trick.

-Business formal means a business suit or dress. For men, a suit is appropriate.

-Business casual can be interpreted broadly, but don’t wear anything overtly sexy.

-Casual dress means wear something you wouldn’t mind being photographed in.

-When shopping for a wedding, don’t choose anything that will compete with the bride.

Incorporating Your Authentic Style Every Day: Part V

A quick and easy way to gain depth or clarity on your Archetype is to think about the type of clothing and accessories that you are authentically attracted to. When I say authentically attracted to I mean, that if you did not have to dress for a particular job, live in a certain climate, etc… In other words: Which type of clothing and accessories makes you feel the most like you?

If your answer is “anything shiny”, even for the most conservative situations you can subtly add an element of sparkle and shine into your  head-to-toe look.

For example, you can add some unexpected beading to your casual flats…


a bit of  sheen to a minimalist coat…


or pearlize your purse!


Relax with Your Tranquil Color!

When facing particularly difficult moments, the Tranquil Color on your palette of True Colors can help diffuse a situation or help to create the perfect environment for a friend to open up to you. I like to think of it as a “listening” color and when you wear it, it gives you a soft presence.

From my book Color Your Style, here is how to discover yours:
Take a look in a mirror, a magnifying mirror if possible and observe your eyes in natural, indirect light. If you can, remove any garments that are visible in the mirror, so that there are no other colors to distract you. Find the lightest color of your iris. That’s your tranquil color!

Discover the healing power of color by tuning into this shade that expresses your own personal “spa energy.” When you want to let go of tension and reconnect to your sense of calm, you can wear tranquil-colored clothes—or try one of the following suggestions.

-Buy yourself a cashmere throw in this color—it will seem cozy, warm and comforting.

-Put a tranquilly colored scented candle by your bed or bathtub. Both the color and the aroma will help you relax.

-Use this “spa color” to paint your bathroom or to monogram your towels. Every bath and shower can become a chance to de-stress.

-Choose an umbrella in this color, and feel yourself relax under its tranquil protection.

-Buy some jewelry or a scarf in your tranquil color and wear it on difficult occasions. Whether you’re coping with your mother-in-law or with your boss, your tranquil color can help you remind yourself of who you really are!