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How to Shop for Makeup!

Great makeup keeps a woman looking exactly like herself, only better!”

—Robin Kaiser, four-time Emmy Award–winning makeup artist


Just in time for a New Year/New You, here are some favorite makeup tips from my book How to Win at Shopping (Workman):

-You can find a great lipstick color by matching the darkest tone of your flushed skin.

-Shop for an eyeliner that matches the ring around your iris.

– Note the darkest or lightest color from your iris to find an eye shadow that really makes your eyes pop.

-Match the lightest color from your hair for a great neutral eye shadow.

-It is absolutely okay to ignore one or more of the colors in a multipack eye shadow kit.

-Don’t shop for a new set of makeup to help you coordinate with one particular outfit. It is a clue that the outfit is not the perfect tone for you!

-If you like a particular product or color from a certain brand, keep them on your radar by checking in frequently via the Internet or by walking into the store. You share an aesthetic with that brand, and it is possible that there will be other products or colors that please and flatter you!


Your Essence Color in Outerwear!

When the temperature drops, the streets are filled with neutral-colored coats. This season, why not go against the grain and reach for the unexpected by choosing a winter coat in your Essence Color!

Your Essence Color is the color that harmonizes your skin tones and reveals your most genuine, open, and essential self. Think of it as your version of white.

How to find it: Go to the paint or hardware store and buy a set of paint chips that seem to resemble the skin tones found in the palm of your hand. Then, in a comfortable spot with natural light, hold up each chip to your skin and find the one that gives your skin the most smoothing and “glowy” effect. You’re looking for the color that harmonizes and blends with your skin, pulling all the different colors together.


Other ways to use it:

–Lingerie: The most sensual color for this… the closest to being naked without being!

–A blouse: The perfect alternative to white, use it in place of a white shirt!

–Anything cashmere: Nothing is more beautiful than the soft tactile quality of cashmere paired with your perfect Essence Color!

–Foundation makeup: This color will harmonize your skin tones and make you glow!

–Your bedroom: Paint your walls in this color and enjoy a restful effect!

How to Shop for a Special Occasion!

With holiday parties just around the corner, I thought it the perfect time to share some of my favorite tips from How to Win at Shopping on Shopping for a Special Occasion!


“When dressing for any special event, dress for yourself first. If you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful!”—Susan Lucci, Emmy Award–winning actress

Pay attention to the formality listed on the invitation. Black tie means a formal short or long dress. For men, it means a tuxedo.

Black tie preferred or optional means a formal dress, cocktail dress, or dressy separates. For men, it means a tuxedo or a dark suit.

Semiformal means a cocktail dress or dressy separates. For men, a dark suit is appropriate.

Festive attire means a cocktail dress, dressy separates, or your version of a Little Black Dress. For men, a jacket and tie will do the trick.

Business formal means a business suit or dress. For men, a suit is appropriate.

Business casual can be interpreted broadly, but don’t wear anything overtly sexy.

Casual dress means wear something you wouldn’t mind being photographed in.

Your Romantic Color!

Your Romantic Color expresses your passion, your sexuality, and your heart.

Your own personal version of red, your Romantic Color is taken from your flushed skin, evoking the vitality of the blood that flows through your arteries. This is the color that reveals your passion, your sexual energy, and your romantic self.

The color that expresses your passion and love might indeed be red—but it might also be tangerine, fuchsia, berry, rust, or even mahogany.


Find Your Romantic Color

Follow these steps to reveal the color that shows your warmest, most passionate self:

1. In natural light, hold your hand over a white piece of paper with your palm facing you. Curl your fingers so that your palm is “cupped.”

2. Look carefully at the most flushed areas of your palm and notice the shade.

3. Now, place a finger on each side of the fingerprint of your index finger and pinch your finger. What is the color of your flushed skin?

4. Look in the bottom of your palm on the side closest to your little finger.

5. If your palm includes deeper shades that make it difficult to see this color, you might want to hold your hand next to your gums. The contrast will help bring out the different shades in your palm.

Once you have identified the perfect Romantic Color, head to the cosmetics counter and choose a lipstick that matches it. You can wear this color in a lipstick or gloss and then bring the tube with you to match when shopping for this color.

Besides the sexy date night dress, the Romantic Color is also stunning in a bathing suit or any sort of athletic wear. It is also a wonderful color to use in your home. A dining room of lacquered walls in this color can be stunning for high energy dinner parties, and is also fantastic used in the kitchen in a large or small way, as it’s warmth and vitality connects to the hearth or center of the home. For the most head-turning use of this color, drive a car in it!



How to Shop for Jewelry!

Just in time for the holidays, here are my favorite jewelry shopping tips from How to Win at Shopping (Workman):


✶ Jewelry is a fantastic way to take a risk. You may not like to wear bold prints or shapes, but a great piece of statement jewelry can make the same impression.

✶ If you don’t wear crewnecks, don’t shop a necklace that is shorter than 18 inches in length. It will create the same unfavorable neckline.

✶ A traditional-style necklace or bracelet receives an instant update when you shop and layer a second piece in a similar metallic.

✶ If you have a large bust, it may be best to avoid necklaces that hit right at the chest.

✶ If shopping for a necklace that sits above your collarbone, first measure the base of your neck. Then add between two and four inches to ensure the perfect length.

✶ A difficult clasp on the “perfect” necklace or bracelet may very well become the reason you never wear it, so before you commit factor in the cost and effort of replacing it with a user- friendly one.

✶ When shopping for a ring, think about which hand you are going to wear it on; a finger on your dominant hand can be one half-size larger.

✶ If you are married, never forget that your wedding and engagement rings will always be part of your everyday ensemble, so use their metals, stones, and shapes as a reference to coordinate a head-to-toe look.

✶ It is best to shop for simple earrings along with a focal point necklace. This will ensure that the pieces complement and balance each other. The reverse is true when shopping for focal-point earrings.

✶ When layering bracelets, rings, or necklaces, shop for uneven numbers. This will create a look that is more interesting and fashion forward.

✶ Don’t be afraid to mix metals. An exclusive style alliance with silver or gold is no longer standard.