How to Win at Shopping’s Slimming the Silhouette!

Here are a few of  my favorite tips from How to Lose Ten Pounds Just by Getting Dressed from How to Win at Shopping (Workman):


✶ While a straight skirt can be slimming, the effect can go awry if the bottom hem abruptly stops without tapering back to the leg, creating an unflattering horizontal line. If a straight skirt or dress hangs like a lampshade, consider a trip to the tailor.

✶ When fitting a jacket, consider narrowing the sleeves to separate the arms from the torso. This will create a more streamlined silhouette.

✶ Showing a bit more skin can be a great idea. When it comes to fabric on the body, less fabric is more slimming.

✶ Avoid wearing fabrics with sheen on the parts of the body you would like to de-emphasize. Sheen will make those areas appear larger. Instead, think of such fabrics as a fantastic way to illuminate the smaller parts of your body and balance the head-to- toe look.

✶ With shoes, a low vamp will start the leg line at a lower point, thus creating a longer, leaner look.

✶ Buy a long cardigan, necklace, or scarf to add a strong vertical quality to every outfit—the effect will elongate the body.

✶ The right shapewear can make you appear slimmer because it actually does work.