How to Shop for Makeup!

Great makeup keeps a woman looking exactly like herself, only better!”

—Robin Kaiser, four-time Emmy Award–winning makeup artist


Just in time for a New Year/New You, here are some favorite makeup tips from my book How to Win at Shopping (Workman):

-You can find a great lipstick color by matching the darkest tone of your flushed skin.

-Shop for an eyeliner that matches the ring around your iris.

– Note the darkest or lightest color from your iris to find an eye shadow that really makes your eyes pop.

-Match the lightest color from your hair for a great neutral eye shadow.

-It is absolutely okay to ignore one or more of the colors in a multipack eye shadow kit.

-Don’t shop for a new set of makeup to help you coordinate with one particular outfit. It is a clue that the outfit is not the perfect tone for you!

-If you like a particular product or color from a certain brand, keep them on your radar by checking in frequently via the Internet or by walking into the store. You share an aesthetic with that brand, and it is possible that there will be other products or colors that please and flatter you!