How to Dress for a Job Interview

Here are my favorite tips from How to Win at Shopping on dressing to get the job:



✶ Shop for two items in your best color: one for the initial interview and one for the second. Repeating the color the second time will remind them of why they liked you the first time.

✶ Go for a classic item, such as a pencil skirt, a shift dress, or a great pair of trousers.

✶ Make sure your outfit is tailored to telegraph your level of polish and expertise.

✶ Don’t necessarily listen to a friend’s advice for an interview outfit if she doesn’t work in the eld. Her frame of reference may be limited to how she has seen your profession portrayed on television.

✶ Get a nice bag. You don’t have to break the bank; just make sure it looks professional. And keep it neat so you’re never digging through your bag to find something.

✶ You cannot go wrong with a medium heel.