How to Become a Stylist

I was recently interviewed by UpJourney on how to become a stylist. Here is my advice:

My best initial advice to someone who wants to go into styling as a career is to see everything one can: movies, television, plays, fashion shows, red carpet arrivals, etc. this is where you get your knowledge, vocabulary, and taste. Also, I suggest that you:

Learn the basics

Classes in color theory and art history are the building blocks of all good design. Knowledge of the power of using and combining colors is essential. Besides, the study of line and proportion are crucial when choosing and fitting clothes.

Do it

We learn so much by doing and can create an optimal set of skills. Go shopping with a friend, design a play or video. Working with modest resources and a limited budget teaches us how to make wiser decisions and what the most essential elements of an outfit are.

When styling an individual, take advantage by not only asking questions but also by listening to the verbal and non-verbal signals. It is a skill that will serve you well in all future.

Come up with your own theory

What do you offer as a stylist that no one else does? Replying “I have great taste” at an interview with a potential employer is not going to cut it.

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