How and When to Splurge

As you start shopping for the new season, keep in mind these tips on how, and when to splurge from How to Win at Shopping:

-Never splurge on a trend. That must-have piece is likely to be passé before you’re done paying it off. Trends are, well, trends—here today and gone tomorrow. The great thing about them is that when they hit, they hit at every price point. Therefore, think about buying your trendiest pieces at lower price points to ensure that you feel no remorse next season when fashion moves forward.

-Invest in a timeless quality piece. A timeless item is always in fashion, no matter what is happening in current trends. If you need help determining which types of pieces would fall into this category, here’s an exercise: Take a look at photos of yourself from the time you entered adulthood until today. When analyzing each head-to-toe look, notice which clothes and accessories stay completely classic and do not define a particular time or place. These are your timeless pieces.

-A hoop earring in a shape that follows your features is always the perfect piece to have in your jewelry box. If your features are rounded, repeat them in a round earring. Copy an oval chin in a hoop of the same shape, and choose a triangular or geometric shape to complement more angular features.

-Fine perfumes are made with higher quality ingredients that may allow you to do more with less. Sometimes the price tag on an expensive fragrance can be justified if you think of it as the perfect accessory that will personalize everything you wear! To make a spritz last even longer, apply it immediately after bathing—and get more for your money by requesting a complimentary sample size at the point of purchase.

-A splurge is never a splurge if it is worn often enough to justify its price tag. Think about how many times you might wear the item in question, and divide its cost among them. Is it justified? Or, if you have ever owned a similar item, how much use did you get out of it? How often was it worn? Weekly? Daily? The answers to these questions will help you discern whether your splurge is indeed a splurge, and whether or not to proceed with your purchase.