Holiday Shopping Tips

As the winter gift-giving season will soon be upon us, I’d like to help you in your quest to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends with some of my favorite tips from How to Win at Shopping!

-Never begin the holiday shopping process without first creating a master list of everyone you intend to shop for, as well as the amount you’re willing to spend on them, ( this can be made easier by adjusting and amending last year’s gift list.) then always plan on a 10 percent overage. Having something to reference will safeguard you from overlooking or overspending. It’s okay to go over budget on a few gifts, but not without going under on some others. As for the added 10 percent, if you do not spend it on additional gifts, there will always be costs that you may not have planned for, such as shipping, gift wrapping, and so on.

-Always keep a list of what you’ve previously given your friends and family. is will ensure that you are not repeating gifts or beating to death what was once a great variation on a theme. Tracking prior presents is also a great way to coordinate future gifts.

-If you’re at a total loss shopping for someone you buy for year-to-year, starting a collection is always a great way to keep gifts special. Good gift giving is an art, and finding the perfect thing that completely captures someone is a magnificent accomplishment. Over many years, however, it can get harder to keep it fresh and exciting. If you are at that place, it may be the time to start a collection that reflects his or her personal style. Build it around a favorite gemstone, team, or culture and you will create a wonderful framework that you (and others) can add to every year.

-Never forget that you are shopping for someone else’s taste. Stick with asking yourself if she will like something, not whether you do or not. Every person is completely unique, and what is beautiful to some is downright hideous to others. There is a very good chance that there is a person on your holiday gift list with a completely different style from yours. As she will be the person using or wearing the present, try to honor her personal style, and resist imprinting her with yours!