Going Grey…..or not!

Research shows that by age fifty-six, there is an eighty-six per cent chance that your hair will have at least some grey in it.

When your once raven-colored hair is now speckled with wisps of silver, do you cover or embrace it?


The answer: It is a personal choice.

While nothing beats the natural harmony of your eyes, hair and skin…you are wearing the hair and need to be comfortable in it.

If you do decide to color it, remember it is something that you will be wearing every day, a permanent accessory, so choose wisely. Dying your hair properly is both an art and a science — you want it to complement your skin tone, but you also want to stay away from the color it was when you were a child. Returning to the hair color you had when you were seven will end up looking very harsh. Shoot for the softer shades of your true tones, and be sure to give the hair depth, achieved with both highlights and lowlights.

Remember that by embracing the platinum, silver or oyster tones in your hair or covering them, there is going to be a shift in the balance of your coloring.  You may discover that some of  your favorite colors in clothing and makeup now look a bit strident, or are not as dynamic as they once were. Take this opportunity to cast an objective eye over everything in your closet and makeup case. Clothing in your closet that is not worn and makeup on your vanity that is not applied has no value, so make the necessary edits and free up space for clothing and makeup in your True Colors!