Embrace Your Essence Color

Your Essence Color is the color that harmonizes all of the tones in your skin and reveals your most genuine, open, and essential self. Think of it as your version of white.

How to find it: Using paint chips in a selection of the colors typically  found in makeup foundation, find a comfortable place with natural light, hold up each chip to your skin and find the one that gives your skin the most smoothing effect.  What you’re looking for is the color that harmonizes and blends with your skin, pulling all of the different colors together.

How to use it: 

Lingerie:  The most sensual color for this… the closest to being naked without being!

A blouse: The perfect alternative to white, use it in place of a white shirt!

Anything cashmere: Nothing is more beautiful than the soft tactile quality of cashmere paired with your perfect Essence Color!

Foundation makeup: This color will harmonize your skin tones and make you glow!

Your bedroom: Paint your walls in this color and enjoy a restful effect!

When to wear it: Wear it when you are having an intimate conversation, when you are meditating, or when you want to be completely open and honest.

When not to wear it: Don’t wear this color if your objective is to strongly prove a point, and never  in a situation where you do not want to show vulnerability.