Dressing to Meet the Parents

You have met the perfect someone, and it is now time to meet their parents. When dressing for this, or any important occasion it is important to remember the power of color.

In a situation like this it is important to appear friendly, open and most importantly, the perfect person for their child. While you may think classic dark colors are a perfectly neutral way to approach your outfit selection, I suggest that you steer clear of a dark neutral such as black or charcoal, as it conveys a sense of mystery, as if you may be concealing something. As for red: save your best shade for date night, as in this situation it may come off too aggressive or sexy. Instead, opt for your Energy Color. The Energy Color is the darkest color in your iris and is the one that really pops the eyes, keeping you feeling and appearing balanced, friendly and completely approachable. It is the color that is perfect to wear to meet new people in, and will convey the quintessential “I am a really nice person vibe.”