Relax this Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing. Though most truly love this festive time of year, it can also prove to be a period of stress: the string of parties, the hosting of house guests, shopping for just the “right” gift and traveling to visit family can sometimes make you feel as though you are wrapped in a constricting string of holiday lights.

To help take the edge off this December as you navigate malls, airports and dinner tables, I suggest that you utilize your Tranquil Color.

This relaxing hue, one of your True Colors, helps calm you as well as those around you. To discover yours, follow these easy steps from my book Color Your Style:

Take a look in a mirror, a magnifying mirror if possible and observe your eyes in natural, indirect light. If you can, remove any garments that are visible in the mirror, so that there are no other colors to distract you. Find the lightest color of your iris. That’s your tranquil color!

Hint: brown eyes are seldom really just brown. Try holding up paint chips or garments in shades of aubergine, pine, rust, merlot or goldenrod to help you see your relaxing hue more clearly.

When you want to let go of tension and reconnect to your sense of calm during this frenetic period, you can wear tranquil-colored clothes—or try one of the following suggestions:

-Buy yourself a cashmere throw in this color—it will seem cozy, warm and comforting after a day of power gift-shopping.

-Put a tranquilly colored scented candle by your bed or bathtub. Both the color and the aroma will help you relax after hosting a holiday party.

-Buy some jewelry or a scarf in your tranquil color to wear when coping with a long airport security line.

Discover the healing power of color by tuning into this shade that expresses your own personal “spa energy” and enjoy a stress-free Holiday Season!