Brick and Mortar Smart Shopping


Sometimes a shopping trip does not yield anything…except knowledge.

I actually love when a client shares that she bought nothing on a trip to a brick and mortar store. Why? Because it means that she knows what she is shopping for, and it was not available to her on a particular day. It happens. Just as important, is the fact that she is so discerning and focused on creating a wardrobe in her True Colors and Authentic Style that she concluded that nothing that she found on her excursion trumped or was as good as what she currently has in her closet.

Why is this experience about gaining knowledge? Because first there is a learning moment in not succumbing to the glorious theatre of retail, but also in discovering that current shopping habits might need to be reaccessed and calibrated in regard to where, how and when one shops. At this juncture, my advice is to press “restart” and do some exploratory work online to find additional brands and stores to expand the possibilities of in-person shopping success.