Breaking the Rules!

When shopping for your Spring 2017 wardrobe, keep in mind that there are some occasions when breaking the rules is a great idea.

Here are some of my favorite tips on rule breaking from How to Win at Shopping:

-The customer is not always right. Opening yourself up to new possibilities can be a great thing. You may go into a store with a clear idea of what you are looking for in terms of color, style, and fabric. A sales associate listens closely as you explain . . . but then shows you something that is completely off track! Before reacting to the fact that the item is not what you asked for, ask him why he chose it for you. You might get an authentically objective opinion and end up adding something fresh and exciting to your closet.

-A change in your body sometimes dictates a change in shopping strategy. Gaining and losing weight is a natural occurrence, but it may alter the shopping rules you have established for yourself. If you discover that some shapes and silhouettes in your closet are no longer working for your body, it is time to schedule a fashion reboot. Head to a department store with a wide variety of merchandise, and dive in with a fresh fashion perspective. Think of yourself as a nudist who is discovering clothes for the first time, and try on each and every type of cut, silhouette, and neckline with an objective eye. Most important, do not omit styles and fits that have not worked previously. You will emerge with a plan and wardrobe to showcase your new body at its best.

-Sometimes when you are truly smitten with an item, rule breaking may lead to a new discovery. It may even seem contradictory to items that you have purchased in the past, but you absolutely love it! And you’ve stretched your wardrobe potential by purchasing something that you never would have even considered trying on before. Thus, the new discovery: You have found yet another perfect silhouette, cut, fabric, color, print, or metal to add to your shopping repertoire!