Black Friday Game Plan

Black Friday will soon be upon us. To help you get ready for the big kick-off to holiday shopping, here are some of my favorite tips, all featured in my book How to Win at Shopping:

-Make a list. Much of the stress of deal-hunting¬†and fear of overspending can be cut down with an old-fashioned gift list. Include both everyone you plan to buy for and how much you’re willing to spend, then budget for about a ten percent overage.


-Buy ahead. Avoid waiting in long checkout lines by purchasing online and picking it up at a brick and mortar store. Simply show your receipt and be in and out of the shop in a jiffy!


-Avoid making big jewelry purchases at this time. There are much better times to shop. April, during tax time is when you will see the best deals on fine jewelry.


-If shopping at a mall, park near the food court. This will allow you to load purchases into your car and take a lunch break before heading back for a second round of hunting. And don’t forget a water bottle — as in many other aspects of life, it’s important to stay hydrated while shopping.


-Take advantage of gift-wrapping stations. This will both save you time later and, if provided by a nonprofit group, allow you to make a contribution to a charitable cause.