A New Commitment to Your Style

As summer draws to a close and we approach a new season, I think it the perfect time to ask you to make a new commitment to yourself: Take a mere fifteen minutes out of each day to focus on you, and your Authentic Style. I don’t know one client of mine who cannot slot this small amount of time into their life, and I guarantee that doing it each and every day will lead you to a wardrobe that illuminates, and makes you feel like you.

Many accept the current state of  their clothing, accessories and makeup without question, yet somehow never feel as confident as they would like to: “I have a lot of clothes in my closet, though I don’t wear most of them and I don’t know why” “I wear this lipstick because a friend bought it for me, and she said it looked okay.” “I don’t really like my go-to formal dress, but it fits”. It is very easy to fall into and stay in a rut. It is often only at times of change dictated by outside influences that one is “shaken up” and objectively takes a look at themselves and questions whether their closets and makeup regimens reflect who they are. For example: a cross-country move helps define what one packs or tosses and if it includes a shift to a different climate, a beauty regimen can be completely redefined.

What I am asking is that you carve out this time to ensure that every time you get dressed you steer clear of accepting mediocrity and unhappiness as a substitution for Authentic Style. The idea of not feeling good as you attend a wedding, make a work presentation or even embark on a summer holiday is devastating. My wish is that you focus on you at the present time, and manifest it by identifying and enjoying all of the things that bring you joy as the best version of yourself!

Just as no people are alike, there is no universal version of beauty or style. We are all unique, and taking time each day expressly for you to focus on all of the specific elements that comprise your own Authentic Style guarantees that you show up in every situation as the incredible singular person that you are!

You may think that fifteen minutes each day is not enough time to accomplish much, but it is the perfect amount of time to tackle segments like:

  • Edit your closet: try on all of the items from one category from your closet and decide what to keep, alter or toss based on a quick gut decision. Blouses, dresses, pants, etc…
  • Claim your lipstick drawer: retest all of your lipsticks, and consider which are the ones that instantly make you smile. Those that don’t (and there are many I am certain you have not worn more than once) can be let go of to make room for those that do.
  • Test a trend: noticed a hemline or silhouette on the street that caught your eye? Take an internet browse through this new trend, and personalize it by typing in search words such as your Romantic Color or the fabric that always works on you.
  • Shop your closet: Take a look at the items that need alteration or repair. Try them on. Do they warrant either , or perhaps a retirement?
  • Borrow from the red carpet: You have noticed an eye makeup technique on a celebrity. In fifteen minutes you can easily apply and assess whether the technique is added to your regimen, or left on that celebrity’s lid.

Every person has a unique Authentic Style and a lifestyle to pair it with, so perhaps some of your fifteen minute appointments with yourself you earmark as time to come up with a customized list of things to help you express your True Colors and Authentic Style, making certain that you feel empowered as your best self every single day!