Your Archetype!

After discovering your True Colors, it is time to discover your Archetype!

When I was first studying color and style, the four seasons approach had just come into vogue.

I loved the four seasons approach, but to me, it was incomplete. How could you confuse the rusty brick and oyster of an Antique Winter with the bright blue-red and alabaster of a Classic Winter, or mistake the deep teals and burnt rose tones of a Dusky Summer for the sky blues and gentle aquamarinesof an Iridescent Summer? I could see significant variations within each season, subtypes whose color choices differed from one another, often quite dramatically.

For example, both the Vital Spring and the Tawny Spring partake of the youthful, vigorous, playful energies of their signature season. But a Vital Spring’s Archetype is the Prom Queen. She’s born to be the center of attention, the popular girl, the one who pulls a party together, and her palette glistens like a burgeoning flowerbed, with its clear pink, kelly green, and blueberry. Tawny Spring is a Maverick, a quirky self-starter who’s usually listening to the beat of her own distant drummer. She may not even show up at the prom, and if she does, she may bring that drummer with her and dance to an entirely different rhythm than everybody else! Her palette expresses another side of spring, with its orange coral and robin egg blue. Both are Springs—but their Archetypes help define the precise colors and styles that are right for them.

Once you discover your Color Your Style Palette, working with a partner or friend to definitively pinpoint your Archetype is a great idea. Identifying your Archetype will help you recognize the colors, accessories, and other style choices that are best designed to reveal your personality.

Check out my Pinterest boards of the twenty four archetypes  to give you an even better understanding!

Stand Out in 2017 with Your Dramatic Color!

Looking for inspiration on how to incorporate your Dramatic Color into your wardrobe?

The Dramatic Color is the dominant blue, green or purple found in the vein in your wrist. It is your “look at me” color, and perfect to wear when you want some extra attention!.


Find Your Dramatic Color

Follow these steps to reveal the color that shows off your most dramatic self:

1. In natural light, hold your hand so you can see the veins below your wrist. Locate the vein that’s most pronounced.

2. Identify the darkest color you can see in your veins; the shade of blue, green, or purple that offers the highest contrast to the other elements of your coloring. This is your most Dramatic Color.

Once you have identified your Dramatic Color, it is time to incorporate it into your life, and wardrobe:

Besides the attention-getting dress, the Dramatic Color is also perfect to wear for a presentation at work when you want all eyes on you, or any sort of athletic wear. It is also a wonderful color to add drama in your home. An entry way in this color creates a theatrical entrance, and a chair or sofa upholstered in your shade of green, blue or purple adds the perfect high-energy punctuation to an active living room. For an unexpected head-turning use of this color, ride a bicycle or motorbike in it!

How to Shop for Makeup!

Great makeup keeps a woman looking exactly like herself, only better!”

—Robin Kaiser, four-time Emmy Award–winning makeup artist


Jut in time for a New Year/New You, here are some favorite makeup tips from my book How to Win at Shopping (Workman):

-You can find a great lipstick color by matching the darkest tone of your flushed skin.

-Shop for an eyeliner that matches the ring around your iris.

– Note the darkest or lightest color from your iris to find an eye shadow that really makes your eyes pop.

-Match the lightest color from your hair for a great neutral eye shadow.

-It is absolutely okay to ignore one or more of the colors in a multipack eye shadow kit.

-Don’t shop for a new set of makeup to help you coordinate with one particular outfit. It is a clue that the outfit is not the perfect tone for you!

-If you like a particular product or color from a certain brand, keep them on your radar by checking in frequently via the Internet or by walking into the store. You share an aesthetic with that brand, and it is possible that there will be other products or colors that please and flatter you!


Your Essence Color in Outerwear!

When the temperature drops, the streets are filled with neutral-colored coats. This season, why not go against the grain and reach for the unexpected by choosing a winter coat in your Essence Color!

Your Essence Color is the color that harmonizes your skin tones and reveals your most genuine, open, and essential self. Think of it as your version of white.

How to find it: Go to the paint or hardware store and buy a set of paint chips that seem to resemble the skin tones found in the palm of your hand. Then, in a comfortable spot with natural light, hold up each chip to your skin and find the one that gives your skin the most smoothing and “glowy” effect. You’re looking for the color that harmonizes and blends with your skin, pulling all the different colors together.


Other ways to use it:

–Lingerie: The most sensual color for this… the closest to being naked without being!

–A blouse: The perfect alternative to white, use it in place of a white shirt!

–Anything cashmere: Nothing is more beautiful than the soft tactile quality of cashmere paired with your perfect Essence Color!

–Foundation makeup: This color will harmonize your skin tones and make you glow!

–Your bedroom: Paint your walls in this color and enjoy a restful effect!

How to Shop for a Special Occasion!

With holiday parties just around the corner, I thought it the perfect time to share some of my favorite tips from How to Win at Shopping on Shopping for a Special Occasion!


“When dressing for any special event, dress for yourself first. If you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful!”—Susan Lucci, Emmy Award–winning actress

Pay attention to the formality listed on the invitation. Black tie means a formal short or long dress. For men, it means a tuxedo.

Black tie preferred or optional means a formal dress, cocktail dress, or dressy separates. For men, it means a tuxedo or a dark suit.

Semiformal means a cocktail dress or dressy separates. For men, a dark suit is appropriate.

Festive attire means a cocktail dress, dressy separates, or your version of a Little Black Dress. For men, a jacket and tie will do the trick.

Business formal means a business suit or dress. For men, a suit is appropriate.

Business casual can be interpreted broadly, but don’t wear anything overtly sexy.

Casual dress means wear something you wouldn’t mind being photographed in.