A Colorful Throwback Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

In case you missed it, one of my favorite interviews where I help the absolutely charming Brianna Baxter of Clevver Style discover her True Colors !


Me, Pippa and London

I am in a British mood.

Following the London theme, where I will be working at the end of this month, I would like to share my insight on one of the UK’s most stylish women.


Check out my exclusive feature with Stephanie Nolasco of Fox New Magazine!


Real Simple Color Cues

Kiss Color Confusion Goodbye!


Check out my color cues featured in this month’s Real Simple magazine, on newsstands now.





Gentlemen: Show your Personailty on your Wrists!

Check out my off-the cuff comments with Rapaport Magazine’s Amber Michelle:



Cufflinks by Sheryl Jones

It’s Official: How to Win at Shopping set for Spring 2015!

It is official!

Just a bit longer to wait for THE definitive guide to shopping!

Here is the official release:

How to win at Shopping, David Zyla and Eila Mell (Workman, Spring 2015).

Emmy Award winning stylist, Jewelry Television spokesperson, and color expert David Zyla and fashion journalist and author Eila Mell’s guide of tips and tricks for getting the best deals, best fit, and best style when shopping online and in stores at all times of year.