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Color Cues

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Tailor Talk


As you shop for your spring wardrobe, it is quite possible that you may find some perfect styles that do not be fit precisely to your body. To help you decide whether to purchase or pass, here are some tips from How to Win at Shopping on what a tailor can do to help.

A tailor can:

-Add top stitching back to the hem of your jeans after shortening.

-Maximize the amount of length in a pair of pants by dropping the hem to the longest possible length and finishing the inside with hem tape.

-Stitch down and remove the front pockets of your pants to create a smoother, slimmer effect.

-Shorten straps so that a dress or top raises to fit through the torso and has properly placed bust darts and underarms.

-Shorten sleeves. If your coat sleeve is past the knuckle or your blazer sleeve is past the wrist, they can be adjusted.

-Line a sheer garment with your shade of nude (the color most complementary to your skin tone) to enable you to wear regular undergarments under it.

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How to Wear Your Romantic Color

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